How To Cure Depression?
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How to cure depression
We have often heard people around us saying that they are depressed and sad but what they really don’t understand is that there is a huge difference in being depressed and being sad along with the fact that there are different ways to tackle both the situations. Depression the word itself sometimes sounds so heavy and grave that people fear accepting it and end up with a poor mental health. It’s not like just because depression is an internal feeling it cannot be cured but in a world where people are scared from even accepting it how to help them.

There are many cases in which young students commit suicide and then parents and teachers realise that maybe there were symptoms of self harm and depression which they missed out on but crying won’t help turn back time and hence it becomes important to understand what exactly is depression and how to cure it.
Feeling sad and mood swings are a part of teenage growth and many at times are confused with depression. But depression is a feeling of prolonged sadness.

Some Causes of Depression

Here are some symptoms listed below which may project an image of disturbed mental health.
⦁ Too much or very less sleep – the sleeping pattern of people changes. Either they try to avoid people and emotions by sleeping a lot or they get caught up in their own thoughts and in such a way that they start over thinking and lose the urge to rest to their body and mind.

⦁ Feeling uninterested in doing their favourite activities and having low self-esteem – it might be a possibility that a person losses interests in doing things which he/she used to enjoy earlier and also avoid trying something new because of low self-confidence.
Feeling tired and lax all the time even after proper sleep and diet and having rigorous mood swings. It usually happens in people suffering from depression. They try seeking motivation but little things affect them a lot in a more negative way rather than positive and it eventually leads to a pool of tears.

⦁ Avoiding socializing with friends and peers and preferring to stay alone – everybody requires alone time for a while to understand oneself. But this shouldn’t be increased to such an extent that a person disconnects him/herself from the rest of the world.

⦁ Depression affects physical health and mental health in many ways. It might cause body aches or frequent illnesses without any specific reason along with increased anxiety, bad temper and frequent mood swings.

⦁ Grades in academics and sports tend to decline due to degrading mental health. It becomes difficult to focus at one thing and hence body feels restless but physically tired.

⦁ Depression may lead to various paths which are dead end such as smoking and drinking. Regular consumption of drugs makes a person numb and spoils him/her from the inside. It might seem like an easy escape from the sadness and frustration of life but it may lead to severe unwanted results.

Even after understanding what depression is we also need to normalize depression as a mental health issue rather than making it complicated and unwelcoming for people who try to approach for help. Depression can be cured in many ways and the baby steps begin from home. Initially we need to identify symptoms visible in our near and dear ones and then create a comfortable environment for them to express themselves rather than freaking out and jumping to conclusions. Writing down feelings and sharing them with friends and family helps a lot. We need to understand the root cause for such issues and then try to deal with them. If you know someone diagnosed with depression try cheering them up by sending them jokes and motivational quotes. Try making them feel good about themselves maybe by sending them long messages and highlighting the good in them and making them feel wanted and loved.

How to cure depression: Tips

Being a good listener is another way to help somebody by providing them with good advice but never encourage them to self medicate using internet. It might happen that what you presume isn’t actually depression and taking the wrong pills affects the health of the body. So here is when professional help is comes in play. Try reaching out to professional psychologists who are eager to provide help to such people. Many online sites and NGO’s these days provide with a database of psychologists who charge very less or even nothing for students so that they don’t have to worry about being able to afford mental health.

Please take the prescribed medicines according to the doses and try to indulge yourself into various activities such as drawing, painting and many such others as they help in diverting the mind and enrich creativity as creative mind is a sign of good mental health.
Love and empathy are the biggest and the best cure for depression. We need to make such people understand that it’s okay to be not okay and you don’t have to hate yourself just because you can’t handle pressure or you couldn’t live up to somebody’s expectation. So let us all stand together and do our bits to cure depression and lead the path for a happy lifestyle.

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Be happy and be healthy.


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