Travel hygiene
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Travel hygiene plays an important role while we are travelling.

Things we should keep with us while travelling-

First of all, we should keep everything with us which will we need while travelling like handkerchief , sanitizer, extra clothes, towel, hair oil, lotion, toothpaste, extra footwear, soap, shampoo, face wash.

First aid kit –

One of the most important thing while travelling which we have to keep with us is the first aid kit. It will have medicines because if anyone will be feeling unhealthy then they can take medicine from the kit. We should check all other material before going and if you are a female then keep some sanitary napkins with you. It depends on individual choice that what sort of material they want to take and what place they are going like if they are going to Goa so they should keep a moisturizer, sunscreen with them. 

Type of clothes –

Also the type of clothes are also important while travelling if there is summer at that place then they should keep summer clothes. If there are winters then they should kept winter clothes. Looking good at the trip is also important so always carry wet tissues with you .Because they are helpful if there is no water with you.

Type of medicines-

 The type of medicines one should keep with them is also important in our travel hygiene. Because if they are sugar patient or they have diabetes then they should keep their medicines with them. Also it’s not necessary to take lots of material with you because it will also the difficult for you to take care of that material. So one should keep necessary material while they are travelling .

Food –

We should also keep food with us because while travelling lots of people are hungry so the food is also important. Every person should also get fresh before travelling because it will be difficult to get fresh while travelling. The things we pack for travelling also depends on the type or mode of travel, the duration we will live there, whether we are going by road, water or air and the type of clothes they wear.

  • The main purpose is to take that material with you which is necessary and don’t fill up your bag with every material you have in your home because you have to carry that material on your own and it will be difficult for you to carry that.

Travel hygiene tips –

  • Every person should check their seat prior because it can have any material and do not touch dirty things because it can cause infection.
  • While we are travelling we touch very dirty materials around us. So it is necessary to wash our hands before eating and after eating as well.
  • Wear that type of clothes in which you are comfortable. Because travelling requires much time so it will be better that you will wear comfortable clothes and slippers.
  • Also carry a perfume with you while travelling because we all have lots of sweat and other passengers also sometimes smell bad so it’s better to take perfume with you.
  • We should eat healthy things while travelling because if we will eat oily or junk food then digestion cannot happen properly.
  • Also drink water while travelling because it will help you in feeling hydrated so it important to drink lots of water.
  • One should also keep check on their material as there can be thief present around you and he is waiting for the perfect moment when he can steal something.
  • If you are travelling in a train so most of the time the toilets are dirty. So carry toilet paper with you in case you need them.

  While travelling all the people get bored because of long distance as it is for long hours so carry your earplugs with you. So that you can hear music or you can carry magazine books. While travelling you can read some of them . Also one can take a pillow or blanket with them if they are going to a cold place. Charge your mobile and carry charger with you.

  Washing your hands before meals is very necessary as a part of travel hygiene because anyone can get infection while they are eating the food. People can also have food poisoning so wash your hands with the soap while travelling and one should not use already used soap. Carry your own soap with you. Check all the materials before travelling that you have kept and get fresh before going . Take your food wrapped with foil paper so that it remain hot for a long period of time.

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