Why does Hair loss happen?
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Hair loss can happen in many ways like it can be physical stress, pregnancy, lack of protein, heredity.

Physical stress

If you first of all see the reason of hair loss so it can be physical stress because it is most prevalent nowadays. It can also happen due to depression or a surgery .The hair loss can be seen or can be noticed 3 to 6 months after the situation or stress if it is regular.

Pregnancy –

The next reason can be pregnancy and it is for female only. We can see it in daily life because after pregnancy most of the women’s hair starts falling. It doesn’t happen during pregnancy.

Lack of protein in your diet-

If there is a lack of protein in your diet then hair loss can also happen. There are many sources of protein like fish, meat and eggs and by reducing protein or lack of protein in our diet the hair stops growing.

Heredity or Genes-

 The another reason of hair loss can be heredity or genes and it is noticeable because if a father has short hair or hair loss then the genes are transferred to his children due to which the children also have hair loss and it can also happen in females as well. Anaemia – In females anaemia can be the reason of hair loss. Anaemia means shortage of blood in the body due to which there is hair loss. There are also many things which happen due to anaemia like headache, pale skin etc.

  Chemo therapy

One of the unique reason of hair loss can be chemo therapy and it only happens to the person who is suffering from cancer and the hair loss happens in every part of body.

  Over styling

One of the reasons of hair fall can be over styling because sometimes females make tight braids. They use machines to straighten their hair or roll them which affects their hair a lot and it is the reason for a hair loss.


Another reason can be aging as we can see in our daily life as the age starts increasing hair loss also starts increasing we can see with our parents mainly with males and their hair starts decreasing while the age getting increased.

Anti depressant and drugs are also the causes of hair loss.

Anabolic steroids

Anabolic steroids are also the causes of hair loss. They are a type of drug which is used by athletes to bulk up their muscles which can lead to hair loss and steroids harm their body as well.

Medical conditions

Hormonal changes and medical conditions of a person can also cause loss of hair like the medicines a person take also have side effects on the body due to which hair loss can also happen.


There are also precautions which person can take to reduce hair loss like a avoid having Tight hairstyle like braids buns and avoid pulling your hair or rubbing your hair. A person should take care of their hair while washing them.  A person might take medicines to increase the growth of hair but it can also have side effects like they can reduce hair growth so stop taking medicines which have side effects on their health as well. One should stop smoking as it reduces the hair growth.

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