CORONAVIRUS: History, Symptoms, Preventions and Myths.
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Covid-19 History.

Covid 19 or coronavirus not proved but it’s said that corona virus is originated from wuhan city in china, However china is refusing this and claims that america is responsible for this virus we don’t know the exact reason yet but yeah truth will come to the world soon.

Coronaviruses are a family of viruses that range from the common cold to MERS coronavirus, which is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome covid 19 are SARs, Severe acute respiratory syndrome corona-virus.

How Corona-virus attack human-body.

Corona-virus firstly targets your respiratory system and damages your lungs a thick mucus is formed inside your lungs which cause conjetion and respiratory problems like breathing problem, coughing and very heavy chest.

Corona-virus can target your liver and kidney depending on patents medical history people who have smoking addiction and alcohol addiction are at high risk.

Symptoms of corona-virus.

  • Dry cough.
  • High Fever
  • Tiredness
  • Difficulty breathing.


Why people suffer from fever in corona-virus?

Not just corona-virus any virus if enters in human body our body first response towards these uninvited guests in body is to kill them. So our body defense mechanism starts automatically if any virus enters in our body body released white blood cells to defend itself from virus and increases body temperature to kill virus because virus can’t survive in high temperature that why corona-virus patent suffers from high fever.

Is drinking alcohal kills corona-virus?

No drinking alcohal can not kills corona virus but using concentrated alcohal(sanetizer) to clean your hands can kill corona virus from your hands and stops corona-virus to enter your body

Is smoking weed kills coronavirus?

No Smoking weed can not kill corona virus instead it will weakens your lungs capacity and keeps you high which lowers your body metabolism and body defense mechanism which is even more dangerous.

Wearing mask can protect you from coronavirus transmission?

No wearing mask can not protect you from coronavirus transmission. covid 19 virus is soo small and your mask can not stop such small virus from entering your body but mask can protect many other virus and bacteria to enter your body can stop transmission of other dangerous disease which spread via sneezing.

How to stop corona virus.

There is no approved coronavirus medicine or vaccine is available yet for patents. Many scientist are still finding the best feasible and affordable medicine for corona-virus and many scientist said that they discovered coronavirus medicine but testing and approving of these medicines are still pending so hopefully our respected scientists will find corona-virus vaccine.

So what to do if we have no medicine or vaccine?

We can only prevent ourself from being a coronavirus agent, property of virus is spreading itself by attaching itself to some agent in the case of covid 19 every coronavirus patient works as a coronavirus agent who helps coronavirus to spread among human-being.

How To stop coronavirus spreading?

  • Social Distancing is the only way to stop coronavirus from spreading among human-being.
  • Here is the things you can do to stop spreading coronavirus.
  • Do not touch or shake hands to people.
  • Try not to touch any metal/wooden surface outside home.
  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap water or sanatizer.
  • Do not touch your face, nose, and mouth.
  • Wear mask whenever you step out from home.
  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • Wear Zero power googles.

Some more Preventions from coronavirus.

  • Coronavirus stays active on cloths upto 9 hours so wash your cloths whenever you come home.
  • Coronavirus spreads from currency so try to avoid using cash and pay using digital wallets and create a currency container in your home and dump all outside cash in that container and wash hand everytime you touch currency or your wallet.
  • Keep a separate bag for shopping and leave that bag at roof or at a corner of your home for some hours to kills coronavirus inside them and wash hands.
  • Try not to receive any delivery.
  • Do not go close to any coronavirus suspect or patient.

What is Quarantine and isolation and how it is related to coronavirus?

Coronavirus symptoms are not instant it will take upto 14 days to show corona-virus symptoms depending on person immunity but until then a coronavirus agent can act as a carrier and spread this virus to dozons of his known people to stop this a person who think he can be coronavirus suspect kept himself lock from outer world for 14 days inorder to identify if he is coronavirus suspect or not.

When a corona-virus suspect is confirmed by medical report then coronavirus patent is kept into isolation( Alone ) far away from outer world and nobody can meet them accept medical staff and doctors this isolation and quarantine is used to stop the corona-virus transmission.


coronavirus is the biggest disaster of this century many countries looses thousands of people from this disease italy, america, china and many other examples are there. Anyone can be a corona-virus suspect and if you did not pay attention and prevention then you will also be a corona-virus suspect does not matter how strong you are ultimately you will find yourself in hospital, so knowledgetwig request all of you specially indians to please cooperate with your government. DO NOT STEP OUT FROM HOME UNTIL IT’S URGENT. AND PLEASE FOLLOW ALL PREVENTION.

Coronavirus is killing many and specially poors who can not afford safe home, uncontaminated food, masks, and gloves knowledgetwig is trying everything to help these kind of peoples we are giving them shelters in our camps and assuring their proper care with test. We request everyone in their home please help those who can not afford facilities like you, atleast donate whatever you can government of india opens a donation portal you can donate to them by visiting here




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