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Effect of type of family (joint or nuclear)  on child’s mind and health – The type of family  children lives in effect their mind because he sees the daily circumstances happening in the family and learn from that. He also imitates the actions of other adults like if a children is living in a joint family so he get to know about morals and disciplines from many peoples and the type of life .Sometimes living in a joint family creates many problem for the children because he listens to everyone.

How patriarchy is followed.

Gender segregation can also be seen in joint family as the head of the family is mostly a male so when the children are growing up in that type of family the type of thinking in mind is also related to that the male is the head of the family and everyone listen to the male and they also see gender practices in the family like the woman is doing the household chores and the man is going to the office so it affects their mind as well. In a joint family there are lots of members, so sometimes there are arguments, fights between the members and it also lead to bad effect on the children’s mind and health.

Benefit of Joint family –

Joint family also have a benefit like children can share their problems with lots of members with whom they are comfortable with and there they have a support system financially as well as emotionally. As there are lots of members in the family so they motivate the children to study and do what he wants in his life. In joint families whenever there is celebration there is joyfulness and happiness all around . Even in the type of health issues or any issues the member of the family stand with each other and help each other to fight with that disease.

In joint families members share their duties with each other like if one is going out to the market so another member can take care of the house. There is also advantages of living in a joint family to the children because he is never lonely he can share his problem with anyone. Sometimes if he wants to play so he have lots of cousins around him with whom he can play. Children also learn to respect each other and their decisions living in a joint family.

Art of sharing –

They  learn the art of sharing because if one thing is less then another person can give him. The children also learn a lot of experiences by listening to the stories of their grandparents and their uncle – aunties. The amount of love and care that a child receives in a joint family also get doubled instead of living in a nuclear family as there are lots of person who love and take care for him. Also children learn how to live with lots of people around him. So he has good social relationships with other people as well because he learns how to live in a family and stay together with each others in spite of any problem.

Why nuclear family???

Effect of type of family (joint or nuclear)  on child’s mind and health – Nowadays most people prefer nuclear families because they don’t want to surround with lots of people around them. They want their privacy, so living in a nuclear family also shapes mind of a children in a new way. Most children living in a nuclear family have the opportunity to get education because there are less people in the family so there are less expenses due to which they can afford education of their child and a better life. With the change in the time the type of family is also changing before people prefer to live in a joint family but nowadays people opt for a nuclear family because they want their own privacy. Everyone wants to be independent.

Disadvantages of nuclear family

But nuclear family also have disadvantages like the parents get divorced easily which have a bad effect on the children’s mind and health because he doesn’t have anyone to share his problem with the. The child suffers in a lots of way by having divorce of their parents maybe it is physically or mentally. The health of the children also suffers.

In a nuclear family the child have more independence or freedom rather than a joint family because in a joint family every member judges the child where he is going, when will he come. Family members chooses what he wants to do and what he doesn’t want to do. As the children lives in a nuclear family he has more luxury in life or I can say that there are less expenses in the nuclear family. So there are more opportunities to the child in every field because the parents support him in what he does and there are also less expenses due to which the children have a safe environment or he has financial stability.

Role of parents in a nuclear family-

Effect of type of family (joint or nuclear)  on child’s mind and health – In a nuclear family nowadays both parents are working due to which the child gets lonely sometimes . The parents doesn’t have time to stay with the child due to which the children’s health can suffer because nobody is there to take care for of him. The children might have lots of stress and it can lead to depression as well because he spends less time with his parents and there is no one with whom he can share his problems with.

  • In a nuclear family there is a small support system like there are only parents due to which the child might feel lonely sometimes and even in the early years of life he doesn’t have much persons who take care of him .
  • There are less stereotypes in a nuclear family but there is gender discrimination as well like if there is a brother or a sister the brother gets much food and the sister less. Brother is allowed to Go outside the home and sister not. It will affect the children’s mind because they see the circumstances around them and they imitate them.
  • The child living in a nuclear family is little bit selfish because he surrounds with less people so he doesn’t have the idea of sharing or caring.
  • Sometimes there is only one child in a nuclear family due to which all the attention is to that child which also led to bad behaviour of child.
  • Sometime children develop bad qualities from their friends because parents spend less time with them. So they don’t know about what their child is going through.

Some advantages of nuclear family –

  • There is better condition of women in a nuclear family due to which a child doesn’t have bad perspective towards women.
  • There is less noise in the family due to which there is peace and harmony which lead to less fights among the parents or in the family. In a joint family there are people who can take care of the another parent and they can financially support them emotionally, socially and they can support them in any decision which they take but in a nuclear family there is only one member left so he doesn’t have any option he feels lonely after such situations.

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