Personal Development
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Personal development is a lifelong process. It is a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to release and maximise their potential.
Self development may include the following activities:
⦁ Improving self-awareness
⦁ Improving self-knowledge
⦁ Improving skills and/or learning new ones
⦁ Building or renewing  identity self-esteem
⦁ Developing strengths or talents
⦁ Improving a career
⦁ Identifying or improving potential
⦁ Building employability or human capital
⦁ Enhancing lifestyle 
⦁ Improving health, improving wealth or social status
⦁ Fulfilling aspirations
⦁ Initiating a life enterprise

Personal/Self development can also include developing other people’s skills and personality. This may take place through roles such as those of a teacher or mentor, either through a personal competency.

The very first self-development skill is creating an inspirational room for your-self. This room will help provide you by providing the peace, where you can analyse yourself. The neat, clean and tidy room will boost up your positive energy levels and thus will motivate you in return. This motivation will further enhance your concentration and will result in shocking and amazing positivity in one’s life. However, the messy and untidy room will swing your mood from good to bad and will start de-motivating you.

Have you ever played cricket or any other sports in your school time? Your teacher or trainer must have guided you with the line “practice makes a man perfect”. The phase is too old but the meaning is still fresh and still helps many individuals to strengthen their Self Development skills. Also, constantly working on your skills will give rise to the ability where an individual will become master of his or her unique skill, let’s take Jackie Chan, his hardships and practice made him the master of Kung-Fu.

The next pillar of skill development is to conquer your fears. It is a false statement that an individual is a fearless person in any situation. Each and every individual on this earth have some fear and this fear thus retards the overall personality development. Hence one should always work on the positive side of every aspect and here, in this case, one should try to conquer his fear and move forward to achieve new height of success in life.
Next, the journey moves to the comfort zone. One should always look forward to work hard, leaving back all the comfort zones. If a farmer does not work hard, he will never be able to suppress the hunger of the people around the globe. So, one should work hard leaving back all the comforts. The hardships done leaving back the comfort will always result in fruitful success with a sweet taste of life. Also, leaving back the costly and vintage comfort will make you strong enough to face every twist of life.
In order to complete all the tasks up to the mark, one should have a habit of maintaining a to-do list. This to do list enables the correct work to be done and also assures the maker to the list with on time completion of the task. Such list also reminds the performer about the quality and quantity of work to be done and assure that each and every work is done. This makes the life smooth and productive thus assuring your success in life.

The easiest way to learn is by doing or performing the task. By performing the task one gets fully aware of the fact likes, how it is done? Which mechanism of action does this concept follows and all. Also being in action, guides you about all the other ways by which a task cannot be completed. It also gives rise to the positivity in one’s life that getting into action and keep on working will guarantee the success after some time.
Other self-development techniques include:
⦁ Working on Negative qualities
⦁ Focusing on good habits
⦁ Dealing with tough
⦁ Try to learn new ways
⦁ Take 30 days challenge
⦁ Meditation
⦁ Be with good company
⦁ Accept what’s gone is gone
⦁ Cultivate a new hobby and many more.

By: Riya Garg

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