Sex Education In India
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India is said to be a developing country till date and if anyone is asked the reason for the same, then the answer usually pin-points the shortcomings of the government, but nobody wants to take blame on himself/herself.
Today, everyone is changing his/her lifestyle according to the trend and as usual we Indians want to walk along with what is trending. But while copying the trend we only mimeograph the physical appearance and forget about the mind-set that is also changing with the time.
Sex is still a taboo in our country. Here, even if a person just utters the word ‘sex’, then everyone around him/her starts judging his/her character and questions his/her family values.
Nowadays, many Indian movies and TV series are made where the cast of the show talk about sex openly but in real life even they keep their mouths close on this topic.
Sex education is something that each one of us should know. This should be a part of our curriculum in school and colleges.

Effects of Improper Knowledge

The reason behind the importance of the topic is that improper knowledge about sex can lead to some serious diseases like HIV AIDS. This disease itself is a taboo in our country. People often practice untouchability with those who are suffering from aids.
India has the third largest epidemic of HIV in the world. In 2017, it’s prevalence among the adults was estimated 0.2% which equates to 2.1 million people with HIV.
We have a little information in our textbooks of class 8 about unprotected sex, but this isn’t sufficient as sex education is a vast topic. The teachers, who are considered as the leaders that guide their students in right direction, often hesitate to talk openly about sex with the students. They just list out the diseases a person can have due to unprotected sex. They just consider it as a not so important topic and due to this, the students do not imbibe the importance of sex education.

Sex Education In India: Social issues.

Today, we all are aware about the use of condoms so as to protect ourselves from the diseases through sexual intercourse but even till date if a person goes to a medical shop in order to buy the condoms, he/she hesitates because people around him/her start throwing vulgar comments through their eyes. Even the chemist gives condom wrapped in a paper or a polybag, the same way he does for the sanitary napkins. And this is the only reason why most of us set back from buying condoms.
We all know that sex is not a bad thing, it is what our body desires for and people of India should be open about this because their desires may not be shown by their words but definitely through their actions (common, we have the second largest population in the world).
Youth is considered as the driving force that can change the condition of a country and the Indian youth is the one who has changed themselves and the older practices by being vocal about their dreams, preferences and sex. Neither they hesitate from asking for condoms from the shop publically nor they hesitate from imparting sex education to the public and this has reflected in the latest statistics of Aids in India, where there has been a drastic decline in the percentage of Aids sufferers.


On 6 September 2018, the Supreme Court of India has made a decision to decriminalise section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and allowed gay sex among consenting adults in private. Most of the people were in the favour of the decision as they thing sexual orientation is a natural thing and that no one has control over it. But many were also against the decision.
The application of the decision was necessary because in India, as already stated, sex is a taboo and sex with same gender was considered as a sin and so most of the men who were gays were married to a women in order to maintain the prestige of the family in the society and therefore engaging themselves in heterosexual sex which is one of the reason for HIV Aids.

We prevent ourselves from various diseases by taking appropriate medications so why can’t we prevent ourselves from the diseases through sex?
So, sex education is a must for our society so that our country can eliminate one of the hurdle from the race of becoming a developed country.

Please always use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STD diseases.

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