Social Anxiety
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Social Anxiety
Socializing everyday is an essential part of life especially for the people who go to offices, schools and are busy in their lives in such a way that at the end of the day they have to socialize with people around them. But what if just for one day imagine you cannot speak to anyone around you because whenever you do you feel scared and your heart rate increases. You become so anxious that you feel like running away from that conversation. Well such are the symptoms of social anxiety. No matter how weird this sounds but in real scenarios it is very common in a lot of people.

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social anxiety disorder is also known as social phobia – a type of extreme fear during social conversations. People with this disorder have a lot of problem in making friends, meeting new people or starting a conversation in a social gathering. Heavily sweating while talking, being not comfortable in social gatherings and avoiding conversations to strangers in a social setting, all of this is because of social anxiety. Heart rate of some people increases so much that they become breathless even after talking for few minutes. In some or the other way social anxiety exist in most of us. Ever had stage fear during school life? Well one can call it a type of social anxiety as well.

Social anxiety can also be confused with shyness. Social anxiety becomes a barrier for a person to go for work or attend schools and develop close relationships with people outside their family. They have a constant fear of being judged by others. They fear that the person standing in front of them will not understand their thoughts and their ideas and at the end would not like them.

Social Anxiety Symptoms

Social anxiety has a lot of symptoms both psychological and physical.
⦁ Excessive sweating,
⦁ trembling or shaking,
⦁ difficulty in speaking,
⦁ rapid heart rate leading to breathlessness,
⦁ trying to avoid questions or interviews,
⦁ avoiding public restrooms or shopping,
are some of the examples of physical symptoms of social anxiety.

Psychological symptoms may include worrying intensively about social situations leading to missing school or work
⦁ a constant fear that people will notice that they are stressed
⦁ the fear of getting embarrassed
⦁ trying too hard to blend in the into the background even if one has to attend any sort of social conversation

When To See Doctor

It is normal to feel anxious sometimes but if you have this fear constantly then it is advisable to get oneself diagnosed. It is not necessary that social anxiety may occur in all situations it might be a possibility that a person has limited or selected social anxiety for example stage fear or talking to strangers or maybe job interviews.

Social anxiety could be an outcome of past experiences of bullying, abuse or embarrassment in such a way that one would have felt very sad or left out in a manner that he or she does not want to participate in same kind of environment ever again. Fear of humiliation due to a bad incident is something which causes social anxiety due to which such people panic during social interactions which disrupts their daily life routine.

How To Cure Social Anxiety

Providing with a comfort zone
To help those with social anxiety there are a lot of therapies and medicines which can help such as taking the person out and providing them with a comfort zone. Be patient and praise them a lot so that they don’t feel that they can’t do it. Help them to reduce their fear of embarrassment and boost their self confidence even if they try as little as they could. Such small acts of generosity might help them in future to grow a strong resistance against the social anxiety that have.

Medicines for such cases should be prescribed by certified doctor. Make sure that you have knowledge of the kind of side effects such medicines can have. One should take them according to the prescription. Sometimes people having social anxiety try to escape it by through harmful methods such as of alcohols and drugs, staying alone for a long time and having thoughts of suicide. We all can try to change ourselves a bit so that we can help such people out.

Try to understand what actually triggers their social anxiety and maybe talk them into such conversations which make them feel relaxed. Plan out a meditation schedule as it helps a lot in practicing relaxation which gives peace to mind and helps overcoming social anxiety. It might take time to understand what exactly triggers a person and its social anxiety but these things can help them to overcome their anxiety.

Most importantly be empathetic and try to make them feel relaxed if you see symptoms of social anxiety. Help them because they too deserve a friend even if they are not good at being social.

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