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“India has got a rich cultural heritage of “Unity in Diversity”, the roots of which are inextricably founded on the principle of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam”, meaning that the entire universe is a family. With the opening of the Statue of Unity, dedicated to the ‘Iron Man of India’, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, India just made its entry into the club of the tallest statues in the world.


At the time of India’s independence in 1947, it was however divided into more than 560 princely states and it was India’s first Deputy Prime Minister, Bharat Ratna Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who with his firm determination, could transform such imperialism into today’s unified India. People of India will remain indebted to him forever for his leadership during the freedom struggle and his vision, wisdom and statesmanship in the post-independence era. His life is an eternal source of inspiration for the present as well as future generations and it is in this context that his iconic monumental statue – the world’s tallest Statue of Unity has been dedicated to the Nation on the 143rd Birth Anniversary.

 “Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the great son of the soil (Gujarat, India), popularly known as the Iron Man of India, demonstrated distinguished leadership qualities during the freedom struggle and then gave a unified geographical shape to the nation by agglomerating hundreds of princely states.

The world’s tallest Statue of Unity with 182 metres height has been constructed under the overall guidance and inspiration of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in just 46 months. Also this colossal monument is a class apart with its unique architectural and engineering characteristics.

Reason for building the Statue of Unity

Sardar Patel’s commitment towards the unification of the princely states for the formation of a consolidated Indian republic, and his tireless relief efforts for the refugees leaving Delhi and Punjab and integrating the British colonial provinces that were allocated to India, earned him the title “Unifier of India’. So, it was in his memory, and as a mark of his contribution to a nation filled with diversities, the idea of the Statue of Unity took birth.


Immediately after its inauguration by Hon’ble Prime Minister on October 31, 2018 the Statue of Unity has emerged as one of the most favorite tourist spots of India. Our vision is to make it more and more tourist-friendly by providing world class hospitality and a wide range of activities to provide a unique lifetime cherishing experience for all age groups. Moreover in the process, we also aim to enhance the quality of life for the local tribal people by generating a wide range of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.”


The statue is divided into five zones of which only three are accessible to the public. From its base to the level of Patel’s shins is the first zone which has three levels and includes an exhibition area, mezzanine and roof. Zone 1 contains a memorial garden and a museum. The second zone reaches up to Patel’s thighs, while the third extends up to the viewing gallery at 153 metres. Zone 4 is the maintenance area. After that, the final zone comes which comprises the head and shoulders of the statue.

The museum in zone 1 catalogues the life of Sardar Patel and his contributions. An adjoining audio-visual gallery provides a 15 minute presentation on Patel and also describes the tribal culture of the state. The concrete towers which form the statue’s legs contain two elevators each. Each lift can carry 26 people at a time to the viewing gallery in just over 30 seconds. The gallery is located at a height of 153 metres (502 ft) and can hold up to 200 people.

Meanwhile, the statue stands as the Pride of Nation but there are many who think that incurring Rs.2900 crores on it, has been a wastage of public money.

Pride of India

  • Statue of Unity, the world’s highest statue is not only a tribute to the Iron Man of India, but also is the first such tourist attraction located in India and is termed ‘Pride of Nation’
  • A sense of patriotism and united India is infused within the hearts of the people who visit the Statue of Unity or even have a glimpse of it
  • The statue is estimated to remain as it is for 1000 years. It implies that it will continue contributing to the national income of India through tourism for 10 centuries almost.
  • The Statue of Unity will help in increasing tourism income and a large area with Hotels, transport and other services will develop fast.
  • Due to construction of this statue thousands of people in Narmada District and nearby areas will get employment opportunity directly or indirectly.
  • Furthermore , it is estimated that more than 10 Lakh tourists will visit the Statue of Unity every year. This will help in generating huge income from tourism and transportation and other services. Entire money spent on the construction is expected to be recovered in the next 35-40 years.

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